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Even the best EHR software is only as effective as you make it.

Trying to figure out how to optimize all the capabilities of complex software can be overwhelming. Having an experienced guide help you make the most of EHR can save you considerable time, money and most of all, your sanity.

Cantata has extensive first-hand experience implementing EHR using a range of software programs.

As a senior care provider just like you, we understand not just the software, but just as important, your environment, the long-term care culture, and the staffing dynamics that can impede the successful implementation of any software, especially one as important as an EHR.

We’ve overcome all the bumps and barriers. As a result, Cantata is the ideal source to guide you in maximizing the performance of whichever EHR software you’ve chosen, within the context of your organization.

Cantata EHR Optimizer provides real-life user counsel and hands-on training to fully leverage your EHR system in a SNF or long-term care environment, all to improve your clinical outcome measures and financial performance.

Our services are especially helpful for:

  • SNFs with fewer than 250 beds
  • Organizations without a full-time informatics resource on staff
  • Those working with private or third-party payers (Medicare, Medicaid or insurance)

Our process starts with an E-Health Check assessment to evaluate your current EHR implementation progress or readiness, as well as your operational setup. We’ll provide feedback on how accurately and fully your staff is utilizing the EHR software and how it can be betteroptimized.

Then we offer a customized action plan that can include:

  • Personalized coaching and staff training modules to enhance your ability to leverage data insights for service improvement and financial reimbursements
  • Policy/procedure guidance
  • Staffing recommendations to optimize adoption
  • Ongoing service agreements to train new staff and refresh existing staff

Using Cantata EHR Optimizer coaching, you’ll be able to fully collect and assess client data to:

  • Exceed state and federal expectations 
  • Improve client care and clinical outcome measures
  • Reduce hospital readmission and maximize reimbursements
  • Achieve staffing efficiency
  • Strengthen your performance position to form ACO partnerships

Optimizing EHR demands vigilance over time.

Because it’s is an ongoing, ever-evolving process, Cantata can provide you with continuous coaching, IT support and diagnosis coding guidance to align your backup systems to best support the EHR platform.


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