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Achieve clinical outcome measures & negotiate successful ACO partnerships

Facing new and ever-evolving federal regulations, aging-care organizations—from Skilled Nursing Facilities to Continuing Care Retirement Communities to in-home care providers—will need to accurately track and measure clinical outcomes and proactively report these measures.

At the same time, strong clinical performance measures will be critical in forming mutually beneficial Accountable Care Organization partnerships.

If you have work to do in meeting those expectations, first, let us say, “Welcome to the club.” Second, let us reassure you that Cantata is your seasoned industry insider, an experienced and objective partner, who can help you conquer this challenge with our powerful new tool—Cantata Clinical Outcomes Plus.

Outcomes Plus is a unique offering that delivers measure-improving, hands-on counsel to optimize clinical outcome measures, as well as offering expert guidance in your ACO negotiation preparation.

Having faced what you’re facing now, we know of what we speak.

We’ve been in the long-term care environment ourselves for decades. Our own transformation has resulted in five years of gross revenue increase and four years of record operational volume. Our clinical outcome performance surpasses state and national averages, including an average 4% readmission rate (all causes).

Considering that we’ve already signed multiple ACO agreements, our experience can be your best teacher.

The counsel we deliver:

  • Experienced and objective evaluation, followed by corrective action plans to improve operations and procedures resulting in enhanced clinical outcome measures
  • A simple dashboard with predictive analytics to better anticipate necessary changes
  • Insight to address cultural and staffing obstacles and enable appropriate change 
  • Electronic Health Records implementation and training to optimize in the long-term care environment
  • ACO Partnership preparation coaching


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