Cantata Client Navigator

Proactive transition planning that starts in the hospital and continues 30 days and beyond the rehab stay

In an increasing atmosphere of accountability of results for your clients, their families and your organization’s numerous care partners, the need for a proactive system to plan for successful client outcomes is critical. 

Cantata Client Navigator combines talent and technology to ensure that clients maintain successful outcomes from hospital to rehab to home for 30 days and beyond.

Cantata Client Navigator is a customized technology tool aligned with hands-on, experienced instruction to implement and maintain the kind of client satisfaction environment that will build trust as you build your business and care that achieves desired clinical outcomes.

The Navigator includes:

  • Proactive, real-time management of customer measures from initial expectations at admission through 30-day post-discharge & transition care
  • A series of touchpoints at critical client care milestones providing real time insight into organizational performance, education and client accountability as they transition out of your facility and recover further at home
  • Customized software easily accessible on office workstations and portable tablets
  • Tailored training to align the system with your organizational structure and operations 
  • Specialized administrator training or we’ll provide ongoing support to maintain your system

Using the Cantata Client Navigator will strengthen client relationships and outcomes, contributing to better business performance and growth via positive reputation, client retention and referrals, as well as more referrals from business partners.

Beyond these benefits, this valuable tool will result in:

  • The ability to reduce 30-day readmissions
  • Fewer and/or more immediately resolved client incidents
  • The creation of client-centric culture with aligned and focused caregiver performance and accountability
  • Improved clinical outcome measures to share with your board, other business partners and potential ACO partners
  • Improved staff morale 
  • Transparency of staff performance and ability to serve clients


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