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Why Your SNF or AL Needs an Electronic Health Record »

Those who manage or are fiscally responsible for Skilled Nursing and/or Assisted Living facilities (Administrators, CFOs, Boards) often ask themselves, “How can I be sure of the clinical health of my organization?”  One could wait for a final report from the multitude of consultants, JCAHO, or any of the seemingly endless survey and certification agencies.  But this is a very costly way to do business. An Electronic Health Record (EHR) allows leaders to monitor key clinical indicators and ...  

We sure like to build things in the senior living industry. »

A recent AARP report noted, “The majority of long-term services and supports (for older adults) are provided by family members. But the supply of family caregivers is unlikely to keep pace with future demand.”  That news lead more than one industry-insider and several writers to conclude, “We are going to need more buildings.”   The urge to start construction is there, despite another AARP survey, which concludes that most people, 90 percent, prefer to remain in their current residences as t...  

Why “Nursing Homes” Should Change to Become Sub-Acute Care Centers »

The generation that lived through the “Great Depression” is slowly but surely dwindling.  These older Americans planned well by saving for their retirement; subsequent generations did not.   The number of older Americans who can afford to pay privately for long-term care is quickly becoming nearly non-existent and third-party or public fund payers (long term care insurances and Medicaid) do not fully cover the expenses of providing care.  Projections from the federal government suggest that...  




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