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The changing requirements and dynamics in the senior services industry can be formidable. At Cantata, we find them to be invigorating. We’ve spent the last several years refocusing our thinking and actions, transforming from a retirement community into a dynamic provider of adult life services. We then established Cantata Business Performance Services, a business advisory entity to inspire and assist similar transformation within other senior living and adult healthcare organizations. 

The questions are increasing in number and increasingly complex. How do we restructure to change more easily, broaden our services lines and establish new revenue streams? How do we prioritize all the new Affordable Care Act requirements? How do I make my organization an attractive ACO partner? How does our board’s role evolve to enable change?

We believe that to be a viable and sustainable organization in today and tomorrow’s every changing senior care environment you must adopt and display these five characteristics:

CBPS view

The Cantata Difference

• Decades of experience across the entire continuum of care for older adults
• First-hand knowledge of healthcare reform requirements
• Knowledge addressing same challenges you face
• Implemented our own all-encompassing, forward-facing transformation
• Provide side-by-side, real-life support


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